Visionpicking and Remote Assistance at Heemskerk Flowers

heemskerk flowers augmex visionpicking pick-by-vision
About Heemskerk Flowers

Heemskerk Flowers is one of the largest flowers and plants wholesalers in the Netherlands. The family business has been using the word 'Innovation' as one of their core values for over 50 years.
Back in 2008, they were one of the first flower wholesalers to offer their immense assortment via an online webshop. Now, Heemskerk Flowers is the first company in the flower industry to implement Pick-by-Vision in the order picking process.

Fewer errors and higher speed with AugPick

Until now, all orderpickers walked with paper lists and stickers through the picking-zones. After getting all the paper at a base station, they walk a route through the picking-zone. On an ordinary day, there are already more than 150 different types of roses in the warehouse. Therefore, situations that orderpickers don't see difference between two products and will possibly pick the wrong product are inevitable.

AugPick offers a ready-to-start solution. The orderpickers at Heemskerk Flowers wear a Glass Enterprise Edition 2 developed by Google and a barcode scanner. Via the Glass they see which product has to be picked at a certain location. During order picking, the product labels are scanned with the barcode scanner around their finger to give instant feedback in case of a wrong pick.

+55% picks per hour

The orderpickers already know exactly which product to pick before they even arrive at the product location, because a clear photo of the product is displayed in front of them. Also, they no longer have to walk back to the base station for the stickers and lists, which results in an average of 55% more picks per hour.

Lightning fast support with AugAssist

The flower industry requires fast processes to be able to send the best quality flowers and plants to their customers. In order to assist orderpickers even faster when they have questions about the product they have to pick, Heemskerk Flowers has started with AugAssist Handsfree Remote Assistance.
AugAssist allows the support-employees to immediately see what the orderpicker sees. In that way the orderpicker can be assisted more quickly.

heemskerk flowers augmex visionpicking pick-by-vision