We became an official Google Glass Solution Provider

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We became an official Google Glass Solution Provider

Augmex is one of the first Dutch solution providers for Glass.

The Glass was no unknown territory for us, we have been testing with the Glass Explorer Edition a few years ago. Now -a few years later- Google has released the new Glass model with a focus on enterprises. Therefore it is a logical step for Augmex to participate in the Glass partner program.

The process
We started a process in December 2019 to be able to call ourselves an official Glass Solution Provider. This partnership is a great step for us, because Augmex can now easily implement the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 from Google to our customers. This has made us the one-stop-shop for vision picking and remote assistance with our total solution.
Due to our ready-to-implement AugPick software with a module for the flower industry, we are introducing a completely new way of order picking in the flower industry.
Now in late July 2020 we can announce that Augmex is one of 20 official Glass solution providers, which could offer better continuity than non-partners.

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 from Google
The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a monocular smart glass that is very light and ergonomically designed. This ensures that employees can wear the device for a whole day without any complaints.
The display in the Glass is projected through a prism, so the information appears above the right eye and is therefore not constantly in your face.