See exactly what your workers on site see.

Because the person on site wears a smart glass, he has two hands free to perform tasks while at the same time he is getting advice from a colleague.

Provide instant on-site support, yet remote. The situation is easy to understand because you can see what the person on location sees.

New employees can be deployed more easily because they can ask all their questions in realtime with one tap.

AugAssist is very suitable for visionpicking with AugPick. This ideal combination makes your picking process even more efficient, because workers do not have to wait for the right people to ask questions.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is the latest model of Google's comfortable and lightweight monocular smart glass.
The information is displayed through a prism and is designed to be there when you need it.

Vuzix M400

The M400 is a robust monocular smart glass from Vuzix. The information is presented to the eye in an OLED display and the device is easy to attach to caps / helmets.
The M400 is IP67 certified. (Up to 1 meter)

Vuzix Blade

The Vuzix Blade is the newest model from Vuzix. This smartglass has a semi-transparent display in the right glass, which ensures that all information is projected right in front of you.
The Blade is ideal for navigating a large area.

Case Studies

Recently implemented AugAssist

The companies listed below have preceded you by making the switch to handsfree remote assistance. Read more about our projects in the case studies.