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Fewer errors
With vision picking you solve a lot of problems in your order picking process. With validating all the picks, you make it impossible to send the wrong products to your customers.

Because the orderpicker can immediately view all the information he needs, he knows exactly which product to pick before he is on location. Many companies achieve more than 40% increase in productivity with visionpicking.

Happy workers
Orderpickers are very important people for your company. They can now work safer because they have two hands free to do what they are good at.

Where voicepicking requires complete focus and actions to obtain all information, visionpicking continuously provides you all the information you need.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is the latest model of Google's comfortable and lightweight monocular smart glass.
The information is displayed through a prism and is designed to be there when you need it.

Vuzix M400

The M400 is a robust monocular smart glass from Vuzix. The information is presented to the eye in an OLED display and the device is easy to attach to caps / helmets.
The M400 is IP67 certified. (Up to 1 meter)

Vuzix Blade

The Vuzix Blade is the newest model from Vuzix. This smartglass has a semi-transparent display in the right glass, which ensures that all information is projected right in front of you.
The Blade is ideal for navigating a large area.

Take a look through the eyes of an order picker at Heemskerk Flowers

Case Studies

Recently implemented AugPick

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