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AUGASSIST, The remote support solution with smart glasses, complete with live annotations, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), is revolutionizing the way people can stay connected and get expertise on any location without traveling.

Our solution not only minimizes downtime by enabling companies to provide instant troubleshooting and guidance but also significantly cuts down on travel costs associated with sending technicians on-site. With the power of live annotations and AR, companies can remotely guide their personnel, ensuring precision and efficiency in problem resolution. This technology not only boosts overall operational efficiency but also allows companies to deploy new engineers to virtually any situation, fostering a flexible and agile response to technical challenges.

A game-changer for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency and cut operational costs.

Unique mobile experience

Always available,
with Augmex Mobile

There is no need for staying at the office waiting for your colleague to request remote support.
With our Augmex Mobile application, we provide an unique mobile experience where companies create a dynamic and flexible support method and people can receive an incoming call whenever the remote worker wants to connect for expertise.

Live translation

Use AI enabled live translation to communicate without language barriers.

Language barriers are a known challenge for every internationally operating company. With AugAssist you can communicate with remote workers all around the globe speaking different languages.

Easily enable live translation through the task bar and both of you can speak in your native language while our algorithms translate your sentences in milliseconds to speak the translated sentence out loud to your colleague.

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