AugPick used in the flower industry:
Look through the eyes of an orderpicker.

Hands-free and all the information you need in front of your eyes.

Augmex develops wearable augmented reality solutions. We provide a one-stop-shop solution for implementing smart glasses in your business. We do this for all industries by further developing our strong solution especially for your systems. Our solution regularly achieves more than 50% fewer errors and 30% faster processes

AugPick has a ready-to-implement module for the flower industry. Because of partnerships with companies in the flower industry, we can implement our solution within weeks.

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One of the 20 worldwide trusted Glass Solution Providers.


A Dutch company with a proven solution for error reduction and efficiency in your company. With the Augmex total solution, companies achieve advantages such as 50% less errors and flexibility among employees.

Why Augmex?

All-in-one solution

While your error rates become drastically lower, the quality you can deliver as a company increases. Customers will no longer receive the wrong products, which saves costs and results in satisfied customers.

Higher productivity

Fewer errors and faster processes. The optimal combination for higher productivity.

Work safer

Employees can work with two hands while they see all the information they need right in front of them.


Vision picking is easy to learn. New employees will be able to work on their own very quickly.

AugAssist: The solution to instantly bring expertise to any location.

  • Look through the eyes of the worker wearing the smart glass.
  • The worker has two hands free to perform tasks while communicating.
  • Assist the workers immediately and save valuable time.

Latest news

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Feb about Pick-by-Vision from Augmex

The Dutch news site wrote about Augmex and our way of introducing and implementing Pick-by-Vision.
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We became an official Google Glass Solution Provider

Augmex is one of the first Dutch solution providers for Google Glass.

Why is vision picking better than voice picking?

1. With vision picking you always receive all the necessary information, while voice picking requires actions to get more information.
2. Voice picking requires the orderpicker to completely focus all the time. Every piece of information that the worker missed results in time loss.
3. With high picking densities or short walking distances, voice picking is often too slow. Resulting in waiting workers to do their job.