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Who we are

Augmex is an award-winning and well-recognized provider with years of dedicated experience of one-stop-shop solutions for increasing productivity with smart glasses.

Augmex specializes in developing and deploying state-of-the-art smart glass solutions tailored for diverse industries to optimize daily operations in warehouses and remote locations.
We take pride in crafting our solutions internally, ensuring a high level of customization, reliability, and optimal performance to create a perfect match with your requirements. At Augmex, we are known for our user-friendly software, a hallmark that resonates across our product line.

We prioritize simplicity and ease of use, allowing our clients to seamlessly integrate smart glass technology into their operations. We value personal service and high flexibility to stay connected and innovating with long-term customer relations.

After years of testing and waiting until the perfect moment, Lars Heemskerk founded Augmex in 2019 with the goal to revolutionize the way people work in warehouses. Soon after our public launch in September 2020, we've introduced our second product called 'AugAssist' to help companies reduce operational costs by offering a handsfree remote support solution.

Augmenting the way people work.
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Warehouse & Logistics


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Health & Hospital